How to Reduce Chronic Pain for Individuals 

1.Pain is a subjective experience

2.Perceive pain as a ‘challenge’ vs despair

3.There are at least 5 ways to measure pain-Physical l, Cognitive Appraisals,Emotions,Life Stressors,Fortitude 

4. Identify Your Pain Scale Measurements

5. Identify realistic goals/ Everyones Challenge is Different- Major goal is to reduce pain level scale Measurements from 7-9 to 2-4 over time.

6. Accept or Defend Against This Challenge

Weigh the Advantages and Disadvantages 

7.If accept, work through loss (Way it was before chronic pain versus way it is now). If reject,note short and long term consequences.

8. Appreciate the multidimensional approach to pain management

9. Weigh Advantages and Disadvantages of each Pain Managwment Strategy

10. Determine Your Commitment/Choose which strategies would work best for you

11.Act on Your Plan

12. Evaluate how it’s going

13. Maintain pain management strategies to reduce average negative pain scales and improve positive ones over time

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