How to Improve Your Motivation to Reduce Chronic Pain

  1. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of sustaining what you are  doing presently to cope with the pain. This includes any method  from avoidance (withdrawal,staying in bed) using more substances  (alcohol, tobacco, opiates,street drugs) , being anxious, angry or depressed or more dependant, perhaps filing for disability.

  3.  If the disadvantages outweigh the pros,  then consider letting go or grieving what could have been vs what is.

   4.  Once you’ve been able to accept the loss, then take the 5 scale assessments to establish  realistic goals within reasonable time periods.            

   5. Commit to a ‘Pain Management Lifestyle’ that is multidimensional and subjective. No two strategies are exactly the same.

  6. Recognize that the overall intention is to reduce your negative scale ratings while improving positive ones over time.

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