Reduce Pain versus Eliminating Pain

There is a difference between reducing pain and eliminating pain. Few individuals seek help from their medical specialist to learn how to control their pain. There is no magical cure to relieve pain totally. Over the counter NSAIDS like Acetometiphren, Aspirin and Naproxin give  only temporary relief. They don’t eliminate your pain.

  It is critical for the person with chronic pain to let go of idealistic expectations that all of their pain will be gone. 

  Sounds like a tough one. It is! No one likes to hear that a more realistic goal is to reduce one’s pain.

   How does one do this?

First, grieve the loss. 

Second, come to accept pain as a challenge. Third, act upon ways to reduce pain so that the pain doesn’t consume you. 

Fourth, maintain your commitment to pain management strategies that prevent relapse. Finally, build your capabilities to cope and reduce pain.

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