Keeping hope alive

What kept hostages, taken by the Iranian revolutionary guards in the late 1970’s, alive?  It is the same factor that kept prisoners of war, taken by the Viet Cong in the 60’s and early 70’s alive? Hope. So why would anyone be surprised that instilling hope helps people with chronic pain? To do this, one must regain or learn new coping skills, build one’s level of self-care and self-efficacy. Improving ones resilience is as important as leatnibg to be assertive, cognitively flexible, self-monitor and problem solve. Who wouldn’t want to find humor comforting, mindfulness meditation rewarding and loving helpful? Finally, there is Emma or one’s unconditional faith in G-d or a higher power.

 Building hope rests with a commitment to action and a reframe of pain as a challenge than a curse.

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