The Number of Opiate Deaths are Expected to Rise Exponentially over the Next Few Decades

Boston Globe: June 28th,2017
  We have an apparent growng epidemic of ‘passive suicide’ in this country based on our inability to build coping skills, resilience, a capacity to tolerate frustration and delay gratification. These conditions are generated exponentially by rapid advancements in technology demanding immediate gratification, an exposure to heightened stimulation, dehumanization and job loss. 

  The rise of opiate deaths is based on how our society perceives ‘pain’; that instead of pursuing passive suicidal strategies to cope with physical pain (use of opiates) , more and more medical personnel and people suffering from chronic pain have to expand their vocabulary to define pain as being multi dimensional; that pain is associated not just with physical pain but with pain from life stressors (ie.,aborted grief)  co-existing depression, anxiety, anger, lack of happiness, cognitive distortions, difficulties with reducing standards and how one is able to have, or not have, sufficient fortitude skills to deal with pain.   

    It concerns me greatly that people with chronic pain are leaning towards believing that opiates are the panacea to a cure. Realize that more and more physicians-medical specialists, including those in pain management,  are reducing their prescriptions for obvious federal and state  restrictions and consequences, leaving those with chronic pain to potentially take to the streets.

   Pain reduction is multi strategic!

   The goal is to reduce pain and improve fortitude in multiple ways! Not with opiates!


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Dr. George Beilin

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