Gratitude:A Must for Reducing Chronic Pain

How many of us get up each morning and express gratitude for the positive experiences we have in life?

Must we wait only for Thanksgiving to express gratitude?

How easy it is to focus on pain, on anger, on hurts, on what could have beens,on shoulds, rather than those aspects of life that bring comfort, nurturance and meaningfulness?

It is imperative to get up each morning and express at least 5 things for which you are grateful.

You can do this in prayer, as in thanking G-d in cerrltain blessings for appreciating the gift of life, for giving you food for this earth, for water to drink, and so forth.

Or, you can do this simply by saying or writing down anything that comes up for you.

Make the list ongoing, even if you repeat certain things.

Gratitude goes a long way to offset the stresses, strains and worries that can consume our minds. 

To be grateful means to make pain and suffering less of a focus than happiness and pleasure. .

Even for the simplet things.

Try it out!

And you will see how being grateful each day reduces your chronic pain!

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