Seeking Forgiveness as a Way to Reduce your Chonic Pain


      Remember that the term, ‘Pain’ is a metaphor for all kinds of experiences; not just physical pain. Consequently, to reduce your chronic pain implies ongoing feelings of feoression, anxirty or anger, your negative appraisals of events and, your need to build fortitude like self-esteem, gratitude, optmism, love and spirituality.  

       To forgive others or ones self can be quite a challenge. This may come especially hard if you have been the victim of trauma, including experiencing or witnessing physical, sexual or emotional abuse and, have chronic pain. In his book, “Authentic Happiness”, Martin Seligman,Ph.D writes that there is a positive relationship between life satisfaction if you’re able to weigh the pros of forgiving more than the cons. He cites a large, Stanford University study that concluded individuals who participated in six, ninety minute session workshop on forgiveness experienced significantly less anger, stress, increased optimism and better health, than a randomly assigned, control group.  

          If you are willing to consider getting to forgiveness to Increase your love scale and reduce chronic pain, I would recommend your reading, “Forgiveness: How to make peace with your past and get on with your life” by Sidney and Susan Simon. Another book to read that may help you work through your pain, especially if you still feel angry or seek revenge, is “Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Theory and Application”, by Everett L. Worthington Jr., Ph.D.

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