​What Happens When You Have la Settback?

That’s OK. Don’t get hard on yourself!
It is no different than having a relapse.

It just may be that some of your weekly monitored, negative scale ratings may increase or positive one’s may decrease. 

 Remember that the overall goal of a pain management lifestyle is to improve your scale ratings over time. In essence, increase the average number of healthy days or weeks between relapses. 

  Recognize your triggers! Often, it’s related to increased negative thoughts or increased feelings of anxiety, depression or anger. It may be due to some life stressor beyond your control. It could simply be from an aggravated, physical condition that may require a medical consult. 

  Whatever the triggers, think of ways you coped  or were resilient in handling this upset in the past. 

  What is it that you need to get back on track or re-improve your scale ratings?

   Try to obtain support from caring  others to help you re-group!

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