Trust the Pilot!

Traumatized enough? Is your pain and panic feelings rising? 

Then turn down most of the media that promotes sensationalism and an overload of sensory stimulation that are taxing your brain!

The media’s purpose? The greater the catastrophe, tragedy or national polarization of political views  (liberal left vs far right), the more  they believe you will follow them versus their competitors. (Now reaching in the hundteds, if not thousands)

Don’t do it!

Go on strike!

A bombardment of  e-mails, snapchats, instant messages, etc. are taxing your brains and causing an exponential increase of anxiety based disorders Including panic attacks, PTSD, agpraphobia and catastophic, obsessive, worrying. 

Nothing feels safe anymore!

What to do?

1. Simplify! 

2. Turn off the news!

2.Watch comedies and use humor!

3.Go back to 1:1, face to face communications


5.Tell others you love them and are grateful!

6.Watch a ballgame, play, opera or children playing in a playground.!

7.Listen to relaxing music, play an instrument or sing!

8.Draw, paint, take pictures, journal, write poetry!

9. Read optimistic, upbeat stories!

10. Relax! Be Here Now! Pray!

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