Additional Ways to Reduce Physical Pain

1.For those of you with bad backs, read, The Back Mechanic, by Stuart McGill, PhD. While I disagree with his conclusion that every physical condition has a physical cause (disregarding individual differences, life stress, affective conditions, negative thinking and lack of fortitude), McGill addresses excellent ways for you to assess and treat specific physical situations related to back pain.This includes pain from excessive extension or flexion..

2. Next to walking, swimming may be the best aerobic exercise for chronic pain. Now you can listen to music while swimming, using a waterproof MPS player that fits below your swim cap. 

3. Ever try simply laying backwards on a flotation device for even 15 minutes? Nothing like it! 

4. Try experimenting with moist heat or ice packs on painful areas.

5. Join a water aerobics group. It’s fun and easy on the joints plus you feel supported from other people doing light aerobics.

6. Try yoga or tai chi. While these strategies can be helpful,  be sure to address the potential benefits or risks with a physical therapist. 

7. Whatever you do, try to weigh the pros and cons of avoiding or rationalizing why you can’t commit to any type of physical stretching or exercise.


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