The Need for Control and Chronic Pain

      Why is it so difficult to accept that feeling helpless about certain situations at times does not imply that you’re a helpless person? Or, that feeling vulnerable does not mean you’re inadequate? 

 The excessive need for control of every situation, and often everyone, is a common negative thought related to anxiety disorders. 

  Individuals who have an excessive need for control can develop panic attacks, an obsessive-compulsive disorder or agoraphobia. 

Even obsessive worry can reflect ones mind’s, magical belief that, somehow, the more one obsesses, the greater is ones capacity to control the future. Now, that’s different than gathering as much information as possible about an uncertain situation to help problem solve effectively. Even so, there is a point where one may need to say, “I know enough” given future predictions are based on probabilities, not certainties.

 Just imagine how much pain would be reduced if one can accept that not having control of every situation or person is a function of being human, not a sign of ones weakness.

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