Humor as a Major Way to Reduce Your Chronic Pain:

     You need to laugh! Especially these days when those in the media compete to grab your attention for sensationalistic, hypersensitive news. 

     Do you ever start your day reading the collections of Gary Larsen’s, The Far Side,  or Calvin and Hobbs or even Mad Magazine? 

     Do you ever listen to old radio shows like Jack Benny? Abbott and Costello? Burns and Allen? 

  “The ability to laugh is a major way to reduce stress” noted one neuroscience researcher  from the University of Montreal who addressed a major gathering of psychologists last month. 

  Try changing your way to perceive life as enjoyable, even if it’s only for a few moments each day.

  Read a book of jokes, watch a comedy, listen to funny radio talk show hosts.

  Humor can definitely reduce your pain!

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