​Want To Strengthen Your Spine?

     My wonderful graphic artist, Brian Murphy, e mailed me yesterday to clarify that he wanted to find a “better figure of the human spine” for one graphic design in the e-book version of my new book,  “How to Reduce Your Chronic Pain: A New Model to Restore Your Hope”,  I shared with Brian that I thought that was a wonderful metaphor because, to reduce one’s pain, one definitely needs a ‘stronger spine! Not just a physical one. More so, an internal one! (Koach- in Hebrew). 

    Strengthening your fortitude to overcome your chronic pain is essential. You must learn ways to use better coping skills, improve your self-esteem,  build your resilience, optimism and your ability to self- monitor and problem solve effectively. Just as important is to find humor in life, express gratitude, do acts of kindness, love others and find your inner strength from prayer, meditation to G-d or to a higher power. 

     Do you truly want to strengthen your spine? Then strengthen your ‘inner strength’!

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