Apologize and Seek Forgiveness

There are many of us who have chronic pain and feel guilty for having thought, said or acted
in ways that have only increased tension, anger and problems in interpersonal relationships. That includes me. Most people are willing to forgive once an apology is made. Others cope with conflicts by walking away, avoiding or holding onto grudges. This can include caretakers, family or friends.
Conflict is a part of life.
It always amazes me how easy it is to talk to most people to ask for forgiveness. It takes alot of courage for others. Even in marriages or in close relationships with those who have been your caretakers during difficult times. Try your best to apologize for ‘losing It’ because of your having incredible pain.
Remember, ‘pain’ is not just your physical pain. Your anger typically camouflages other, deeper feelings of ‘pain’ like your hurts, disappointments or your being misunderstood.
On a spiritual level, you can ask for forgiveness from G-d or a higher power. In Hebrew, we call this teshuvah. Asking for forgiveness from G-d or a higher power is easier than you think. You don’t have to wait to go to church, synagogue, a mosque, or even an AA meeting. Just find a safe space, away from others, and talk, even whisper, or just simply think these thoughts. In Hebrew, it is called “Histratedut”. You won’t be considered crazy. King David wasn’t crazy when he wrote his beautiful psalms. He shared his pain, asked for His forgiveness and thanked G-d for rescuing him from fear and despair.

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