The Impact of National ‘Pain.’

I don’t think we’ve ever experienced such a level of anger and animosity in this country since the civil war! Even the period of Watergate seemed ‘light’ in comparison to this past year and what’s anticipated, at least, through next January or beyond. The extent of political polarization, coupled by the need for the media to further desensitize Americans to
heightened sexuality and aggression, without caring apparently for those millions of individuals who have chosen to become resilient to earlier histories of abuse, is driving up everyone’s level of ‘pain’.
Where, may I ask, is the grey area; the middle of the road; the ability to modulate pain stimuli
for the sake of our society that’s becoming more like Sodom and Gemorrah?
It’s no wonder we have an exponential increase in ‘passive suicide’ including opiate deaths, alcoholism (CDC indicated a 32% increase in alcohol use disorders between 2012 and 2013), cocaine abuse (CDC anticipates a 540% increase in usage this year), tobacco use disorders, internet and phone addiction, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, major depressive and anxiety disorders.
People are losing their levels of fortitude!
Not good for anyone experiencing any kind of ‘pain’!

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