Transform, or re-create, words- and watch how you shift in the paradigms of life:

1. You may always have “ongoing” (versus chronic) pain.
if pain isn’t simply physical, then this new paradigm on words tells it all. Why shouldn’t you have “‘ongoing”pain? Who doesn’t? You’ve had pain since birth. Pain can be a positive experience It can challenge you to tolerate that ‘life isn’t fair!’; that, ‘you can’t always get what you want’ (The Rolling Stones); that, at times, you may feel ‘helpless’ (Neal Young). Ongoing pain emanates from life stressors, from unhappiness, depression, anger (often a defense against underlying ‘pain’), anxiety (often you’re too high on the ‘need for control’ scale); from negative thinking like catastrophizing, futuristic thinking, “should” statements; and, from a lack of fortitude (an area that is clearly growing in this technological age).
2. You no longer ‘retire’! You enter a ‘lifestyle enrichment’ phase!
Throw that word out of the dictionary! or, better yet, simply change it to only imply a “wanting to go to sleep at night”; or “inevitable death”. (Don’t ever confuse the two!).
Practically no one ‘retires’ anymore! Certainly not at age 65! What should occur, even before age 65, is your ability to transform your life by creating a ‘lifestyle balance’ between work (even part-time), interests, socialization, meditation or prayer, and exercise.

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