Did You Know This About AA founder Bill Wilson?

I shared in my first book that, due to the rise in substance use disorders, many people have turned to Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), where, according to a professor-researcher at New York University I heard speak at a Harvard Medical School Conference, the yearning for “spirituality” or belief in a “higher power” is the main factor why individuals turn to these specific groups. What the researcher didn’t emphasize was that the founder of AA, Bill Wilson, had never drank alcohol again following a 4th hospital readmission; this time, to the Towns Hospital in 1934. It was during this hospitalization that, according to Wikipedia, “while lying in bed depressed and despairing, he cried out, “I’ll do anything! Anything at all! If there be a God, let Him show Himself!” He then had the sensation of a bright light, a feeling of ecstasy, and a new serenity. He never drank again for the remainder of his life. Wilson described his experience to Dr. Silkworth, who told him, “Something has happened to you I don’t understand. But you had better hang on to it.” Apparently, Wilson’s commitment was similar to that of his paternal grandfather, who stopped drinking totally after having a similar ‘spiritual awakening.’ Painfully, Wilson had suffered previously to intermittent periods of severe depression, perhaps attributed, to some degree, to a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, to depression, and to major loss associated to his parents abandoning him and his sister at a very young age after she was born. Bill and his sister were eventually raised by their maternal grandparents.
Your difficulty with chronic pain is a test of faith in a manner similar to Bill Wilson, or to the biblical character Job, who lost everything, but regained it all and more when, at his deepest level of helplessness, hopelessness and despair, sustained his faith in G-d.
As much as you wish to have ultimate control of your life, you can never do so for you are not the Pilot of your journey. Rather, if you can act like Bill Wilson, Job, or even King David, by your sustaining faith despite experiencing much suffering and pain, miracles can occur.

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