Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Shame, and Chronic Pain

If you have had trauma in your life, and have chronic pain, then you are not alone! The number of patients I have seen who have had a history of physical or sexual abuse, even in their childhood years, is astonishing. I’m clear there’s a high correlation between PTSD and chronic pain.
Remember that ‘chronic” is reframed as “ongoing, intermittent”, and that “pain” is construed as not just being physical! Pain can emanate from life stress, intense emotions of anxiety, depression or anger; from a lack of happiness; from negative thinking; and/or from a lack of fortitude, ranging from simple coping or a lack of self-care, to an inability to he grateful, to love, or to having faith in G-d!
Become aware of what you are holding onto! If you are not using the best ways to deal with your pain, then choose to change!
Allow yourself to grieve and mourn what you wanted, and what you had! Get help for this
process since working through your PTSD ‘pain’ can become intense! Perceive this therapeutic experience as being no different than the incredible capabilities of your mind and body to increase your temperature or white blood cell count to fight infections, or even to simply regurgitate (vomit) what is unhealthy in your system!
Once you work through the pain of ‘letting go’ of these conditions associated with PTSD, then you can turn (teshuvah) to forgiveness of those that hurt you. Then you can mend and heal.
Your long-term gain emanates from your short-term ‘pain’.
Watch! Your true perception of G-d will become distinguished from ‘god’, your biological or adoptive father or mother!

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