Chronic Pain is Redefined

The term, “chronic”, shoud be reframed as “ongoing, intermittent” pain. You can have any type of pain, including “good” pain, that you should have learned in childhood. This includes tolerating frustrations, delays of gratification, dissapointments, rejections, separationa and losses.
Who said life is fair?
One of the biggest concerns I have today is that children are not being taught these critical ‘pains’ in life to cope in future situations where pain needs to be tolerated. Everything is faster, newer, more sensational, louder, and more graphic. What is ‘in’ today is outdated tomorrow.
Pain is a necessity to reduce the dopamine craving that can cause major changes in ones brain chemistry.
Pain is a part of life.
I would state that the major reason for the opiate, alcohol and other ‘passive suicide’ crises is that many people with intense pain have either forgotten, or never learned, critical fortitude skills to cope with lifes’ painful situations.

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