A Major Way to Reduce Your Chronic Pain: Focus on Simplicity!

Two Sundays ago, I attended a conference in Times Square, New York City. No sooner than I exited the conference at 4:30 pm, I couldn’t believe what I experienced. My senses became affixed to the glaring intensities of sizes, quantities, forms, lightings and sounds from thousands of stimuli, ranging from neon signs to disonant tunes, each one trying to outdo the other in a bidding war to capture my attention.
While attempting to gain my surroundings to find the subway station on 42nd street to get back to my car parked in Long Island City, I became drawn to the simplest perception I recalled as a boy and young adult growing up here. I walked quickly to the familiar pretzel stand and ordered a hot pretzel with mustard and an ice water, hoping to remain affixed to the cart and to the consession owner who smiked and thanked me for my purchase.
While riding back on the subway, I reflected back on my perceptual psychology course as an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at New York University in 1970. It seemed very clear to me now, more than ever before, about the nature of figure-ground relationships.
When one experiences an array of multi-sensory stimulii, one’s mind will focus on the simplest perception!
In other words, when you are overwhelmed, whether it be from multi-tasking, e-mails, interruptions, demands or requests, get away from it all and pray, meditate, go to a park and listen to the birds sing, feed the pigeons or simply talk to a stranger.
Seek simplicity and peace!
By doing so, you will diminish your pain!

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