Want to Reduce Pain? Take a Time-Out from Technology!

A patient of mine shared with me recently how happy he was to be obtaining an updated version of a war- video game for his birthday. He showed me some clips to which I became aghast at the extent of blood, guts, explosions and body dismemberments. The rapid, action speed kept one’s adrenalin (amd dopamine) pumping.
Another patient of mine, whose expertise is in computer technology, shared with me about the new wave of virtual reality (VR) equipment being sold whereby one can experience an onslaught of sensory simulation no different than what people in my generation obtained by taking hallucinogenics.
If you haven”t seen the movie, “Ready Player One”, then you’re missing out on what appears to be the new, upcoming technology craze to reduce what? boredom?…desensitization? dehumanization?
What is going on with our society? It’s enough that the media competes for our selective attention no matter what the content!
We are on a negative, trajectory course no different than that experienced by the destruction of Greek and Roman civilizations.
Want to reduce your pain?
Then focus on life simplicity, limiting sensory awareness, interpersonal connectedness, slowing down time, gratitude, acts of kindness, love and spirituality!

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