“Meaningfulness Skills” on the Revised Fortitude Scale. “Finding a Purpose in Life!”

My New Mission:

It’s about helping as many of the 100 million people who have chronic (that’s just physical) pain, their caretakers, others with pain from life stress, negative emotions (anxiety, depression, anger, lack of happiness), thinking error pain, pain from a lack of fortitude, and others who are on a road to ‘passive suicide’ (opiate, alcohol, other drug addictions, obesity, diabetics, internet- phone addictions (me included), those over-stressed by multi-tasking, desensitized and dehumanized by technology, all those healthcare providers who are burning out, to return to


-Person-to-person connectedness

– Slowing down


-Spirituality-G-d! Not just belief in a “higher power”.

Sounds like a very big task? Yes!
And I’m not a Rabbi, Priest, Minister or the Dahli llama or Confucius.
Want to hop on board?
Then send me your email address to:

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