How to Reduce Societal Pain?

1. Re-connect, person to person.
We’re going too far astray in remaining glued to mobile phones, computers, multi-sensory input including the news media, complex visual displays, video games, sound systems, and, soon to be the next craze, virtual- reality systems.
Connect with a family member or friend or even someone sitting next to you at a coffee shop, on a jet or on a train or bus. Talk person-to-person. Take an interest in an other. Listen! Just as much, if not more, than you talk!
Smile at everyone you meet. You’ll be amazed at just how many people smile back at you.
2. Slow down.
Life is going by too fast with all the rapid advances in technology.
Lower your expectations or standards for yourself and others.
Take frequent breaks to become aware of each moment.
Focus on your breathing. Let the momentum of your breath be the signal to indicate your life pace.
3. Simplify your life.
Rather than get caught up in the complexity of multi-sensory input, focus on figure-ground relationships. The simpler the perception, the more refined and beautiful it becomes. At the core are your senses-what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell, moment-to-moment.
4. Find meaning in your life
Make a difference. Define your mission. Clarify what truly matters to you and to making this world a meaningful space in which to live.
5. Express gratitude.
Be grateful for simply getting up and being able to breathe each and every morning.
Be thankful for everything you have! Not pained for what you don-t have.
6. Love
Love others and yourself! Care for others and nurture your mind and body. Refuel!
7. Hitbodedut-Talk to G-d!
Find comfort in re-connecting to a higher power than yourself.
Regain your faith and hope that no matter how much pain and suffering you endure, Kol b-seder! Everything is OK! The Pilot will get you through your often, arduous journey.

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