What to Expect from your Pain Management Team:

1. They give you hope!
2. They’ll do what it takes to help!
3. They’ll be realistic about expectations!
4. They’re not going to give you one magical cure.
5. They’ll perceive your pain as an ongoing, lifestyle challenge.
6. They’ll help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals.
7. They will empower you to self-monitor how you are doing over time.
8. They’ll help you decide which strategies may work best for you.
9. They’ll support you to do whatever it takes to help you improve your physical, emotional, cognitive, and fortitude.
10. They’ll help you to slow down, connect with others, find meaning beyond self-preoccupself-preoccuparion with your physical symptoms.
11. They will collaborate with other healthcare providers who are helping you to feel better overall!

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