The ‘chronic pain’ of politics:

It is quite clear that our country is in ‘chronic pain’ from dichotomous perspectives that are no different than the period prior to the civil war of 1961 to 1865. Recall that the southern states seceded just three months after Abraham Lincoln was elected.
How did Lincoln cope and remain resilient despite this ‘painful time in history when he heard about the incredible number of deaths on the battlegrounds, let alone, dealing with the death of his beloved son?
He remained resilient! While he was a man who suffered all his life from major depression, Lincoln coped during this difficult time by visiting colleagues and friends, by telling stories, by using humor, by taking rides, and by immersing himself in books.
We can learn a lot from President Lincoln about how to enhance fortitude during these times.
1. Connect with others! 2. Share personal stories!, 3. Experience the political humor and absurdities of what you read and see rather than become angry! 4. Distract yourself in hobbies, sports and comedies! 5. Slow down! 6. Use your senses and avoid judgments! 7. Love! 8. Pray! .9. Sustain hope! 10. “Don’t worry! Be happy!”

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